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American Welding Society (AWS)
Welding Inspector Certification Programs

 Certified Associate Welding Inspector (CAWI) Level
  • Minimum of 2 year industry experience or
  • Minimum of 6 month industry experience with degree/diploma holders in engineering technology, engineering physics or physical science

Both CWI and CAWI examination candidates are required to pass an eye examination - see visual acuity form below 

14. Upgrading of Certification

14.1 Applicants whose scores on each part of the examination meet the requirements of 6.2.2 of the QC1 standard but did not meet the experience requirements of 5.2.2 of AWS B5.1 may request an upgrade to the CWI level once the experience requirements are met.

 14.1.1 The period of validity of CWI certification for individuals who have upgraded in accordance with 14.1 shall not exceed the original period of CAWI certification.

 14.2 The CWI shall not upgrade to the SCWI certification level without complying with the requirements of 5.1, 5.2, and 6.1 of this standard.

Then you need to understand the three part exam that you will need to schedule / take.

Exam Pattern


Minimum no.of Questions


Minimum % to pass

Part A - Fundamentals (closed book test)


2 hrs


Part B - Practical (hands on test)


2 hrs


Part C - Code Book (open book test)


2 hrs


* All Exam questions are multiple choices and objective types

Understand the knowledge required to pass the three part exam.

NOTE - As of Jan-01-2016 AWS requires the AWS D1.1 2015 edition code book.  Our training now includes the AWS D1.1 2015 code book training.

Then you need to prepare for the exam by taking our On-Line computer based training (see CWI Package Deal $700,   or purchase Individual classes one at a time for $35 each). You will need to purchase your own CODE book. We do not provide CODE books.  See the tab on the left "Where To Order Code Books" 

Once you have prepared and you are scoring 100% on all of the practice exams that are included with our training, you can then apply for the CWI exam by completing the correct application forms (located at : ), select an exam date & location (AWS will conduct the certification exam - Son Set Consultants only provides exam training) and submitting them to the AWS using UPS with a tracking number - in case they get lost in the mail (AWS physical address is on the forms - I recommend UPS with tracking so you can verify when the AWS receives your application), then you will need to receive the confirmation letter (confirms you have been accepted to sit for the CWI exam). 

What to take to the CWI Exam
Calculator - non-programmable -
also one that does not have sounds (silent) - also bring an extra one.
Number 2 lead pencils - take 15 or 20 pencils already sharpened - be sure they are US made.
Extra erasers - if you use your eraser to change an answer choice, be sure to NOT damage the answer key.
Your Code Book - be sure to bring the code book you selected for your test.
Ear Plugs - In case there is noise in the room - someone with sinus issues or a nervous tick of pen tapping.
Flash Light (head mounted - see image below) - so you can hold inspection tools in your hands and see weld samples. You can purchase these at your local tool supply.
Light jacket - in case the test room is cold, if not needed you can leave it on the floor next to you.

Crackers or snacks - if you do not eat breakfast - you need to keep your blood sugar up so you do not become sleepy. 

The formulas for conversion will be provided on the exam. During the Part B hands on the conversions are located in your 2016 Book of Specifications Annex V (page 44 - see your table of contents).

Flash light with head strap